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MicationPlayer is a music player that connects to your OneDrive cloud. With this app you can finally play songs from your entire music collection on OneDrive!

Create your own playlists or let MicationPlayer create dynamic playlists for you. MicationPlayer is able to recognise whether a song is stored offline in your music library or online on the cloud. Not only can you download songs from the cloud for offline playlists, you can also export your playlists and play them on other cloud-based apps.

The basic version of MicationPlayer is available for free. There are adds in the basic version and synchronisation for devices under Windows 10 isn't possible. By paying a fee, you can use the app without adds and also activate synchronisation.


Does your Windows device support the use of a digital pen and would you like to use it as a diary? You're in luck, this is the app for you!

LogWriter offers you a handwritten digital diary solution. In addition, it gives you the option to mark your contacts, hashtags and locations. Go and check it out!

Additional information:

  • Entries are stored in encrypted form
  • Password protection / Windows Hello
  • Synchronisation via OneDrive (only with add-on)
  • Create backups (only with add-on)


You want to stop smoking and you need some support and motivation to do so? If so, this app is for you!

With Fumeless you can:

  • see exactly how long you've been smoke-free
  • set your own personal goals
  • see the money you're saving
  • follow the overview of your regeneration
  • read through 50 motivational texts
  • synchronize with OneDrive